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I choose these images to express my identity. Each image is apart of my life now or apart of my future. Most of my photos have something to do with nursing. I plan on going into nursing school as soon as I finish High School. I would like to achieve that with my RN-BSN. As of right now I am a Certified Nurse Assistant, I started that job at the Good Samaritan Society nearly six months ago. To have a job this difficult at age 16 is almost a honor in my eyes. Some of my other photos are music, Diabetes Awareness, and Alzheimer's Awareness. Music is where I go to find my peace at mind when I am having a stressed day. I can relate to almost every type of music there is. Six weeks ago we found out that I was a Type II Diabetic, at first I thought my life was over, I thought I had a giant sign over my head saying ‘This girl is a Diabetic’ I have learned and grown from my diagnosis, all of my friends still accept me for who I am even though I have a life altering medical disease. My final photo is Alzheimer's Awareness, In the six months I have worked at Good Sam, three of them I’ve spent back in Serenity Glenn, an Alzheimer's Unit. That place is my home. I love every single one of my residents and would never want to work anywhere else. I connect to all of them in a different way. I have learned so much by working with the people that have this disease process. It has completely opened my eyes on different things in

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