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Does where we come from really define who we are? Where we come from defines who we are to a certain extent, however, we cannot base our identity purely on our origins and what part of the world we were born in. There are several factors that enable us as humans, to define exactly who we are; our language, our appearance, our DNA and interestingly enough in some instances, our tattoos. These characteristics may not all be seen physically, however, they define who we are in more depth than solely where we come from and our origin. “Parlez-vous Anglais?” asked the American tourist in a terrible western accent while asking a typical French man with a paintbrush in his hand the directions to Sacré Coeur. From this sentence we can gather that language plays a tremendous part in defining who we are. This person is obviously American, knows little French and by the sounds of it, cannot read a map. There are around 7000 different languages in the world and even though some of these languages are only spoken by a tiny number of people, it is still a defining factor of what makes them who they are. When going overseas/migrating to another country, it is evident that you are singled out by others if you have an accent and that there is an immediate attraction to find out ‘where you’re from’. A migrant who arrived in Australia in 1993 was often asked where he came from simply because of the way he spoke English (with a heavy eastern-European accent). This evidently gave other people something to define him by and something they knew about him immediately just by him saying a few words in English. Language is also a universal thing. It is used in every part of the world, in every country and by everyone. It is the primary means of communication between humans and it is definitely one of the most important aspects of defining who you are as a person. Above all, language can

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