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English Essay Our identity is constantly changing; we never truly know who we are. I need to go find myself. This is a line and general idea that is used frequently as a theme for movies, music and TV shows. In our modern day society we understand and relate to the aspiration of finding oneself. We know that it is not implying that we left our body behind and have to go and find it but that we need to discover our identity and learn who we truly are. Our identity can be constantly changing as we travel through life and gather a number of experiences and opportunities. These things that we experience cause our personality and identity to change in accordance. We become a product of our livelihood. With a fluctuating identity people find it difficult to truly understand the type of person they are. However the core of our identity will always be with us and will shine through when we go through the challenges and hardships of life. Some people have a stable identity as they have accepted who they are and are supported through the values the make paramount. Whether our identity is constantly changing or not depends on the things we experience and what we value most. All individuals make the development from child to adolescent to adult. During this growth our identity is constantly in flux as we attempt to discover ourselves. As a child we are moulded by our parents’ core beliefs and values. The teachings of our parents are crucial to identity development at a young age as we are strongly influenced by the personalities of those around us. We are unconsciously encouraged to like what our parents like, do what our parents do and aspire to epitomise them in every way. Through the innocent looking glass of a child our parents are seen to be flawless and we wish to follow in their footsteps. Infants are seen to replicate their parents’ actions: whether it be

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