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Public Image as a Mask of Identity Identity can be said to be a person’s definition of who they are based upon race, religion, physical ability, gender, or any number of other contributing factors. A person may form their own public image in order to create a version of them that is viewed as being better in society. Many interest groups use a public image to promote themselves. These groups promote characteristics and moral values of themselves to convey an image of the group as a whole that is positive and helps them to promote their cause. Many racial or ethnic groups use public image to create an identity for themselves in society. Some racial groups create supporting associations to unite people of similar racial background in order to promote their respective racial groups. These groups create their public image by creating websites or holding public events. The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is a group that is dedicated to “empowering Arab Americans and defending civil rights” (53) of many Arab Americans. The group has a website to better communicate with Arab-American people and to clearly display a sense of identity within their ethnic background. The National Congress of Vietnamese Americans is another organization that is dedicated to “defending civil rights, eliminating prejudices, and promoting the cultural heritage” (54) of Vietnamese Americans. Websites like this allow people of common ethnic or racial background to create a public image that helps their race to construct an identity for themselves as a whole. Many people use the internet to create an image of them that may or may not be accurate. Nakamura states that the internet is “a theatre of performed identities” (74) where people feel free to take on any identity that they choose. People who feel disadvantaged by their race, gender, or age may create a false identity that they

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