Identifying Rhetorical Devices Essay

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The video that I chose to watch was the funny used car commercial. In the commercial the finance manager starts out nice but the minute the customer says they have bad credit the finance manager proceeds to call the customers garbage and worthless. This would be a dysphemism because the finance manager is yelling and throwing things just because his customers have bad credit and there is no fact in the claim that people who have bad credit are garbage and they are worthless. In the commercial it can be categorized in emphasis because the finance manager is really emphasized on the negative aspects of the customer’s credit. When I watched the video the rhetorical devices left me speechless as how anyone would speak to another human being in the way the finance manager in work environment. The influence towards the audience was that if you have bad credit don’t go to these other banks you want to go to “Auto Credit Express” because if you to any other bank they will turn you down for having bad credit and make you feel not really worth their time. So the influence would be a negative influence towards the audience. The credibility is influenced by the device by telling others that other banks are not good and therefore it is hurting the credibility of other banks because it is presenting that other banks are not good if you have bad credit and that you will get called names and have things thrown and broken because you have bad

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