Identifying Different Types of Customers

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In the customer service field, one will deal with several different types of customers. There is a technique that you will develop when handling these customers. One will learn to become “thick skinned”. You must never take an issue personally and remember that “The customer is always right”. Argumentative/Questioning Customers: This type of customer disagrees with anything that you have to say. No matter what the subject is, they always have to challenge your answer. They ask a question, you give an answer and then it’s a thousand “why’s”. Why is my interest rate so high? Why is my late fee so much? Why didn’t I get my statement this month? Why can’t I make a payment with a credit card? It is in their nature to respond to everything that you have to say. There is no answer that will satisfy this customer Talkative Customers: These customers tend to be elderly or just lonely people. They call in with a specific question and if you make the mistake of asking “Is there anything else I can help you with today”, you open up a whole can of worms. They want to tell you that their pet had to go to the vet last week and it cost them hundreds of dollars. They have to mention how their children live in other states and never call them anymore. They want you to know that they are retired and all the things they do in their free time (like call and talk to customer service reps). Or my favorite, they want to know where you are located and how the weather is. These conversations can go on and on if you do not take control and nip them in the bud. Irate Customers: The dreaded customer that is mad at the world. When this customer calls, they do not think they are speaking to a person, they think they are speaking to a company. The first sentence is usually, “You people did this and I want it fixed now”. You people? When did I become plural? These calls
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