Identifying Conflicts from Other Sources Essay

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Running Head: IDENTIFYING CONFLICTS 1 Identifying Conflicts From Other Sources ENG 125 "How I Met my Husband" is a wonderful "coming-of-age" story by Alice Munro about a young girl whose heart is broken by a dashing young pilot who is part of a visiting show. She learns, very painfully, that Chris, the pilot, is not who he seems and that he has lied to her. This short story begins telling the story of Edie and how she met Chris Watters. Throughout the majority of the story, the author leads the reader to believe that Chris Watters is going to end up being Edie's husband. However, the story takes an unexpected twist in the last two paragraphs. Edie finally realizes that Chris Watters is not the man she thought he was. It is through this discovery that she meets the mailman, her future husband. As the story progresses, the plot appears to be following a typical and predictable structure. The story begins with the exposition where the characters are introduced and meet each other. Then, the rising action toward the expected climax begins as the characters interact. However, the expected climax, Edie and Chris ending up together, takes an unexpected turn when Chris Watters leaves and does not write to her. The story ends with Edie meeting and marrying the mailman who she met while waiting for a letter that never came. "He always tells the children the story of how I went after him by sitting by the mailbox every day, and naturally I laugh and let him, because I like for people to think what pleases them and makes them

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