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Working Title: “Identifying the causes for ineffectiveness and inefficiencies in distance learning” Identifying the Subject and Providing Background: Traditional learning involves interpersonal interactions between the instructor and the student(s) for the purpose of education. On the other hand, distance learning is unique in the sense that instructors are not physically present while the student(s) undergo the learning process. Due to the progression of technology overtime, distance learning has evolved from paper-based to internet-based. At the present, the rapid advancement in technology is gradually replacing the more traditional form of learning with distance learning. Owing to the difference between the two forms of learning, individuals often debate upon the effectiveness between the traditional and the distance forms of learning in allowing students to achieve success. Research Question/Objectives: From my personal experience with distance learning through on-line courses, I realize the frustration involved with learning individually as opposed to learning the presence and aid of an instructor. Therefore, an investigation of the key disadvantages of on-line learning will allow me to identify the root causes for the difficulties I encounter with distance learning. Furthermore, I will attempt to link the key causes of difficulties with distance learning in an attempt to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of distance learning in educating individuals. Nijiaowozenmecai Method: I started thinking about my topic after class at home with several choices. First I was going to write something about the efficiency to complete our task while listening to music. I asked my friend for suggestion, and they told me this topic had already been commonly talked about when they were in high school, so I tried to find another research objective, which

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