Identify Political, Economic, Social, Cultural, and Technological Influences That Caused the Change in the Budget. Essay

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* Identify political, economic, social, cultural, and technological influences that caused the change in the budget. According to Public Finance, Second Edition, Anderson “The executive departments, as in the national government, then have the responsibility to implement the programs. Local governments operate in similar fashion, with the mayor, city manager or county supervisor proposing a budget, which is then subjected to scrutiny by the policymaking board of the local government unit that then makes appropriations.” Constant government budget deficits have positioned the cornerstone of the United States penal policy incarceration under tremendous investigation. Even though crime rates has regressed since 1992, prison populations as well as spending persists on growing, urging state policymakers to query whether reserves may be better disbursed to improve public safety. State officials’ commencement to reconsider the “tough-on-crime” policies in addition directing their attentiveness to years of research displaying that numerous of offenders are dealt with more successfully within society. To management rising costs, Michigan is one many states who has implemented policies who intention is to reduce prison populations by relocating individuals who are incarcerated to economical supervision within society, though there is recognition that for such a shift to be successful further investment in community supervision is often required. In Michigan, policymakers along with corrections administrators require not only to decrease correctional costs in addition to improving public safety results. In light of Michigan-level policy modifications accompanied by the economic recession there has been noticeable shifts from prisons to community corrections amongst the years of 2006 and 2013by surveying modifications in prison populations, prison expenditure, community
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