Identify and explain how the US constitution is formally amended?

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Article 5 of th us constitution states that “two third of both houses deem it necessary” only then can the constitution be amended. Once a bill has been passed it then goes on to the states, a time limit of seven years will usually be put on a bill before it has to be passed. Since the writing of the constitution there have been 27 amendments to it in 221 years. The first of these was in 1791 establishing the freedom of rights, press and expression. To this day it remains a fundamental belief that none should have a religion forced upon them and this is why all state run schools in the USA do not show any signs of religion e.g. crucifixes etc. Not all of the amendments or even the original constitution remain relevant today e.g. the second amendment “the right to bear arms” this maintains that any US citizen have the right to a firearm for there protection. At the time it was written also in 1791 this was relevant as the British forces still strong in the colonies were taking over homes and towns to intimidate the locals and the government saw it fit to enable them to defend themselves. In America it is relatively easy to get numerous guns legally which would probably explain why it’s the world capital for gun crime. This would be considered as an out of date amendment however due to the American far right and the constitutionalists changing this would be impossible. Another way to formally amend the constitution is by calling a convention “for proposing amendments”. For the bill to be “ratified” a ¾ majority in all states must be reached. This has only happened once; in 1933 the 21st amendment was formally ratified. This amendment was called at a convention and was a repeal of the earlier 1919 18th amendment for the prohibition of alcohol. When it was ratified at first it was thought that without alcohol then crime rates would go down. But with the

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