Identify Current Legislation and Codes of Practice

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TDA 2.4 (1.1) 14.3.15 The main legislation and code of practice relating to equality and diversity are, the Equality Act 2010, the Education Act 1996 and the Special Educational needs and disability act 2001. The Equality Act ensures that any school or place of education cannot discriminate against pupils because of their race, sex, religion, disability, belief or sexual orientation. The act ensures that all educational providers will not discriminate against a pupil or potential pupils when considering admission to the school, the educational and classroom environment they provide and ensuring that no pupil is excluded from school activities. The Education Act will ensure no child is prevented from being in education no matter what their circumstances or physical health. The act requires schools to make sure they have sufficient use of resources to provide and effective education for all children and to make additional changes to the school environment should it be required. All children in school should be taking part in the activities of the school, this act ensures that the schools must make and find additional support should they need it to allow all children to be equal. The Special Educational Needs (SEN) and disability act promotes better equality of opportunity and good relations for people with disabilities either physical or SEN by establishing their legal right to equal access to school, college and university. This act amended part 4 of the disability discrimination Act 1995 to prevent discrimination against disabled people in their access to education and to ensure schools make provisions for pupils with special educational needs for example, installing ramps, lifts or disabled

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