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Identical: A Literary Analysis From a tragedy, two sisters discover a secret connection that they never even thought could happen. In the book Identical by Ellen Hopkins, Kailey and her identical sister Reanne have to learn to listen to their inner voice without the guidance from their mother. The theme in this story is Reanne learning to make her own decisions. She often finds herself under the influence of her boyfriend, Ray. He is very convincing when it comes to taking drugs and skipping school. So, Reanne is dealing with the negative effects of listening to Ray and begins to decide that she needs to listen to herself; meanwhile, Kailey begins to show who she really is. A special literary element used in this story is foreshadowing. As the sisters begin to listen to their inner voice, the reader begins to discover the secret of the story. The author starts to give clues that years ago a car accident that had taken the life of one twin. Although Kailey was killed in the accident, her spirit entered her sister, Reanne’s body and the two live as one. Reanne has to navigate through her life without the support of her mother but with the help of her sister. This book is about a connection of two sisters that helps Reanne discover her inner self, learn from her mistakes, and become a better person. Even without the help she needed from her mother and being greatly affected by a tragedy, she was able to find a way to overcome hardships and recover with the love, support, and connection she has with her sister

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