Idenity Essay

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Throughout the day, communication develops between people as we walk past each other with a friendly smile and a simple hello. After reading Communication in a Changing World by Bethami A. Dobkin and Roger C. Pace, communicating skills are essential to building positive relationships with family, co-workers, and peers of different genders and cultures. This essay will provide you with some information I read and gathered about the relationship between communication and identity and how I currently converse and correspond with others throughout my day. In Communication in a Changing World, it states gender is certainly an important part of a person’s identity that contributes to one’s self-concept and worldview, and that exerts considerable influence on how people communicate (Dobkin and Pace 2006). The focus of gender differences appeared to have engaged my curiosity. The assertions that women and men communicate in different ways and about different things seems to go un-argued. In every race and culture there will be differences in communication. Communicating efficiently starts with self. It is an activity that we all do differently. Having self awareness can affect the way I communicate with others. I took the self-perceived communication competence scale twice, once to determine how I would communicate face to face and the second time in an online setting. I make decisions with regard to communication which my observation is important. I think this scale measures my perceived competence. Let me explain the differences and similarities when communicating face to face and in an online setting. One situation asked about talking to a group of strangers. I would be more comfortable talking to strangers online rather than in person. I have to be careful when communicating with people face to face. I might not want to say the wrong thing or my body language will

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