Idenitfy Standards That Influence the Way the Role Is Carried Out

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1. Identify standards that influence the way the role is carried out. There are many standards that are put there to ensure that my role is carried out well. This may include codes of practice, national occupational standards, minimum standards and regulations. Having this in place ensure that there are guidelines to my role of what must and must not be done it is important to obey by these to ensure the job is done properly. I must know how different policies and procedures in my setting are used in my work setting to ensure they have an impact on my work role. Following them carefully I can ensure that I am working to the expected legal and regulatory standards. It is the key law affecting the health and safety rights and responsibilities for everybody in my workplace. These standards are set out for certain values and principles to ensure that it will help children to develop thrive and grow. Also there is the children’s act 2004. The principles of this act are to help make a positive contributions the lives of children, allow the children to be healthy, assist the children to thrive and be safe in their own environment, allow the children to succeed and enjoy life and also to help achieve economic stability for children’s future. This act was brought in to run with the ‘Every child Matters’ policy. National occupation standards may be different depends on which county you are from within the united kingdom, here in England the governing body is OFSTED. In Scotland it is HMle, Wales it is Estyn and in Ireland it is
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