Ideas Change over Time

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Essay “Ideas change over time” How have ideas about love, marriage and relationships between men and women been explored in the texts studied this term. The film, Ten things I hate about you, directed by Gil Junger and Taming of the shrew by William Shakespeare both explore ideas about love, marriage and relationships between the sexes. These ideas are affected in their exploration, by the different contexts of fifteenth century Italy for the play, and that of 1990’s middle class America, for the film, this shows how ideas of love and marriage have changed over time. Both composers examine the courting rituals and their effect on the female characters of Katherina and Bianca in each text. The male characters who “woo” them are treated differently in the two contexts but the role of choice for the female and the dominant role of men in choosing partners are explored in both. Composers use a variety of techniques; Shakespeare uses motifs of dress and disguise, irony and humour to convey these ideas. Junger, in her film uses visual humour, dramatic irony and stereotyped characters to convey these themes in a modern setting. There are many ideas about love and marriage explored in Taming of the Shrew, as the need for a wife is the chief concern of Petruchio, Lucentio and the other suitors. Katherina and Bianca are to be married, according to Baptista Minola, their father, but Bianca the youngest daughter cannot wed until Katherina does. Bianca is seen as an acceptable, attractive mild woman who has many suitors whereas Katherina is said to be a “Shrew”. Petruchio is willing to take Katherina to be his wife as he wishes to “wive wealthily in Padua”. The conflict between Katherina and Petruchio, creates much of the humour in the play. Society in the Renaissance period was highly dominated by males, and they exercised their power over women quite regularly in
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