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Whom would you rank as the top author in each of the following categories? o Interesting writing style - Garrsion Keilor o Controversial life or political view - Maxine Clair o Contributions to their culture - Subhadra Sen Gupta I thought the way Garrsion Keilor discussed corn was extremely interesting. Corn to the narrator was a sinful treat that was an indulgence. It makes you realize how a simple life is and happiness that you can get from life's little pleasures. Maxine Clair took on the controversial issue of discussing when two lovers from different sides of the tracks collide. I felt it was a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet taking place in Delhi. The narrator fell deeply in love with Obadele who was a Red Quander. It was a forbidden love that they had to keep a secret because they didn't share the same culture and values. This is a problem that many families face all around the world. I found this was a very relatable story to anyone in any culture. Subhadra Sen Gupta gives a glimpse into what life is like for a teenage girl in Delhi. By Bineeta smoking a cigarette it brought a tremendous amount of shame onto her and her family. Young girls in Delhi had to be proper at all times. Bineeta discovered along the way that being bad took to much work and it was easier to study and be successful. It was easier to be who everyone expected you to be. I feel this sends a message to all young girls who may be confused about what society and the media is telling them. It's easier to be who you want to

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