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A synopsis of the concept “ideology” is not a fairly simple one. An ideology can determine the severity of the way people act towards society by merely shaping the way they think. Each ideology has a different name, labeling their way of thinking. For instance Marxism, Nazism, and Liberalism all have different ways of thinking, different ideology. There are four functions that determine how a person in particular “holds” their ideology. Explanation, evaluation, orientation, and Plan of Action are all the four functions that try to link thought with action. All of these functions go inside of one’s mind when thinking of one’s society. First ideology explains political, economical, and social conditions. One tries to explain in their rather problematical world, an explanation to what is going on at the moment. Second ideology evaluates their condition. The difference between explaining and evaluating one’s condition is evaluating is deciding whether the condition is considered good or bad, as for explaining is answering the question “why” certain things are happening. The Third function of ideology is orientation. Orientation is a sense of identity to where one belongs to. For example race, sex, nation, and religion can be an orientation to someone, a group they belong to. The fourth and final function of ideology is perhaps one the most important ones. The Ideal and Ideologies: A Reader text book calls it Political Program, but it can be better understood by the Plan of Action. The Plan of Action enlightens one what to do. What should be done in the situation that was just analyzed by explaining the condition, evaluating the condition and orientating it. One of the greatest philosophers created a theory that better explained this concept of ideology. Plato’s Allegory of The Cave is an accurate way to explain the strength, usefulness and dangers of ideology.

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