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idealized paradox? Essay

  • Submitted by: oak75raidersas
  • on May 13, 2008
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An Idealized Paradox?

California was and still is known for its golden opportunity to experience something different. It is widely regarded as an experience that cannot be achieved in any other place in the world. The lush surroundings provide a getaway. The many different cultures provide a rich diversity. The many opportunities one can pursue. The lights, the glitz, the glamour, the weather, all of these are what make California, California. Than there are the hardships, the violence, the crime, the economy, soaring gas prices, the action hero governor. These characteristics of California can steer away people from going to California, but it is these characteristics that in fact, make it that much more of an idealized paradox to live in. With pleasure comes pain, with pain comes pleasure. California provides this uniquely interesting mix of pleasure and pain. Without it than California wouldn’t be so special after all.   California might provide many paradoxes, but it is these very paradoxes that make California and the people living in it, a much more fulfilling experience.
In Judith Lewis’s “Interesting Times,” she explains to us that with all the glitz and glamour California provides it also provides many hardships and hard times. She has

gone through the greatest moments of her life in California but also endured many not-so-glamorous occurrences in California. A couple of days after the Rodney King beating and the riots that soon occurred after in L.A., Judith Lewis attended a wedding, and at this wedding she “learned that the saying ‘May you live in interesting times’ is not entirely a curse” (295). She said this statement because she has been through a lot in Southern California, more specifically L.A. Not only is this statement true, but also it is a reality. Every experience, good or bad, helps build character. And California provides many different experiences such as crimes, violence, and many earthquakes. Another unique paradox California...

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