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Ever since the development of printed advertising, images of muscular male bodies have been plastered all over posters, fliers and, following the invention of the television, in commercials. Although the use of idealized images of the male body is controversial, it still remains to be an effective contrivance in terms of marketing purposes. In advertising, promoters of manufactured goods utilize the symbolic interaction theory, the connection between muscularity and masculinity due to the parity of women and the modernization of technology, and the implicit seduction that unattainable muscular bodies induce to entice and dictate the decisions of consumers, and, in general, convince them to purchase the products advertised. Firstly, often used in advertisements are symbols. Sellers frequently generate illustrations and images that represent their merchandise which, in turn, with the symbolic interaction theory, influences peoples’ decisions on whether or not they should purchase the goods (Bassett, 2009). Correspondingly, advertisers exploit the fact that muscularity has become a symbol of masculinity and that both are tightly linked together because of the recent equally of women (Katz, 1999). Finally, advertisers repeatedly use male models with perfect bodies as a marketing apparatus purposed to persuade and influence men to buy or use their merchandise. Thus, in the making of ads, promoters use muscular men, a symbol of masculinity, to promote products which then turn those products into symbols of manliness also. In summary, though it is a debateable topic on ethics and morals, the use of attractive male bodies is still a successful means of persuasion in

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