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Ideal What is ideal? Most of us ask ourselves this question all the time. The word “ideal” constantly comes into our lives. It seems to be a substitute word for perfect. As with all periods in history there is an ideal man and woman that all look up to or follow and with them come a variety of differences from the curriculum to there appearance in the way they dress and act; the Renaissance followed these standards. One major difference between the men and women was what they were taught. As shown in document four, there is some evidence that there were liberal arts and liberal studies for man to be an ideal man you had to have these studies. Peter Paul Vergerius wrote in a letter to Ubertinus of Paus that said “various subjects which may rightly be included under the name ‘liberal studies’…first place history next in importance ranks moral philosophy”. We are not able to say if this is from one point of view because there are not enough background notes on the author. Document six helps support the argument of importance in studies stating that “and if because other occupations or lack of study, he does not attain to such a perfection that his writings should merit great praise, let him take care to them undercover so that others will not laugh at him… these studies moreover will make him fluent and bold and self-confident in speaking with everyone”. We can compare document six with document four and the idea that education was a major part of life. We are able to state that both documents are more or less correct. The next document, document nine, is an autobiography by Leon Battista Alberti that says “hunger or sleep could scarcely distract him for his books... at the age of twenty-four he turned to mathematical arts and physics”. Since we know that this document was an autobiography we can assume that some of this information could make him sound better

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