Ideal Gases Lab Report

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IDEAL GASES TASK: Examine an isothermal process when the temperature is constant. RESEARCH QUESTION: How does the pressure depend on the volume? INTRODUCTION: In this lab report, I am going to do an experiment with isothermal process, which is when the temperature doesn’t change. We used special devices, programs, materials and technology for this lab report, in order to find the relationship between pressure, volume and temperature. HYPOTHESIS: I think, that the greater the volume, the lower the pressure will be and vice versa. The smaller the volume, the greater the pressure will be. That is, because when the area will be decreased, such as in the injection tube if we press it, the molecules will collide more quickly with the boundaries or walls of the area it is in, therefore the pressure is increased, as already mentioned. VARIABLES: Dependent variable: Pressure Independent variable: Volume Constant variable: Temperature. MATERIALS: Autor computer program, Interface Coachlab II/II+, injection, plastic tube for connection of the measurment station and the injection. METHOD: 1) Connect Interface Coachlab II/II+ to electrity and plug in all the tubes. 2) Connect the autor program eith the Interface Coachlab II/II+, open new measurment and prepare the table along with number of measurments, units and the starting points. 3) Connect the Interface Coachlab II/II+ with injection. 4) Press the piston down to increase pressure. 5) Create two graphs- one with data and the second with inverse proportionality. OBSERVATION AND RESULTS: Equipment: Volume (ml)1ml error | Pressure (kPa)0.1 kPA error | 20,00 | 97,1 | 19,00 | 102,2 | 18,00 | 107,4 | 17,00 | 113,7 | 16,00 | 119,8 | 15,00 | 128,0 | 14,00 | 134,8 | 13,00 | 143,6 | 12,00 | 153,2 | 11,00 | 162,7 | 10,00 | 175,3 | 9,00 | 177.3 | 8,00 | 200,9 | 7,00 |

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