ideal family Essay

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In my opinion the ideal family is a group of people that have emotional, blood, or legal ties. The ideal family to me includes a monogamous marriage between two adults who are socially and financial dependent. These adults should also care for young including biological children, adopted children, or mentoring for disadvantaged children. The parents should teach the children, and also provide proper education. Other important responsibilities of the parents include nourishment, affection, housing, sanitary conditions, and providing social interaction. The ideal family also shares much time with other family members who do not live in their households, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. As many of us grow up with these people its only healthy to maintain a relationship with them. Family members should share ideas, thoughts, and affection with them. We should also offer a helping hand if it is ever needed, and expect the same back. When it comes to power and authority in the ideal family I picture a egalitarian family. A egalitarian family is a structure where both partners share power and authority equally. I feel decisions regarding domestic, economic, and social concerns should be addressed equally by both partners. I feel that the endogamy practice of marriage makes having a egalitarian family easier. A endogamy marriage is the marriage of two people who share on the following: social class, racial group, or religious affiliation. The ideal marriage would consist of both spouses being in the labor force, also known as a dual-earner marriage. The ideal marriage would also consist of shared responsibilities between husband and wife when it comes to household work and childcare. All to often we see women who work year round, full time jobs, that are expected to come home and do all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, bill paying, laundry,
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