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Many people consider that leadership skills are very important for a boss, but they do not know what the standard of management skills is. Therefore, people have different opinions about this question. From my point of view, in different jobs, employees need different bosses. Some people wish that they could pick their own bosses. Many people have wished this at some point. An ideal boss would have qualities such as being a good listener, a mentor, and a flexible person. The first requirement of my ideal boss is being a good listener. Listening is an important part of communication, and it is different from hearing. Being a good and patient listener helps, not only solve many problems at work, but also to see the world through the eyes of others, opening your understanding, and enhancing the capacity for empathy. In addition, you learn a lot from listening. As simple as listening to and acknowledging other people may seem, doing it well, particularly when disagreements arise, takes sincere effort and lots of practice. This boss should also be able to listen to the staff’s ideas or requests and accepts them if he or she can. This boss should make his or her employees feel that they are respected and listened to. The second requirement of my ideal boss is being a mentor. A good boss is one that becomes the mentor of his or her employees. Although, he or she provides the right guidance to the employees and helps them grow in their careers. A good mentor can advise one on how to solve problems and how to be efficient on a day-to-day basis within the company. A good mentor can guide one on how to stay out of trouble and protect oneself when things go wrong. Ideal bosses grow and develop their team to be the best that they can be. It is important to ask this ideal boss for guidance during times of transition. One should be able to share with him or her

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