Idaho Research Paper

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Idaho. When people hear Idaho, they think of a pretty pointless state that has a lot of potatoes. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything important in Idaho; no big cities or popular attractions. Who would guess that Idaho has such an interesting and diverse history? A book should never be judged by it’s cover, and a state should never be judged by the lack of things you hear about it throughout your life. Idaho was originally explored by Lewis and Clark from 1805-1806. Until 1846, it was a part of the Oregon country, which was owned by The United States and Great Britain. In 1846, the Oregon Treaty resolved border disputes between America and Great Britain. Mormons established the first permanent U.S. settlement in 1860, at Franklin. In the 1860’s, Idaho had a part in The Gold Rush. Gold was discovered in Orofino Creek, and prospectors came to strike it rich in the territory of Idaho. These miners…show more content…
I broke my back as a young child and even though I can still walk, run, et cetera, I get a sore back very frequently, and a good soak in the tub can relieve some of the pain. So at about 2:30 A.M. (I work a night shift, so on my days off I'm up at some crazy hours) I draw a bath, get my soak on, and prepare to feel the pain disappear. After about five minutes, I begin to feel the pain unwinding. I am starting to fall asleep when I see a skitter of movement out of my periphery. I turn and there is the biggest spider I have ever seen. I don't mean "kind of big" I don't mean "not small". I mean this fool was tarantula sized and he was staring me down from the five feet or so between tub and door. I am massively arachnophobic and as such my first instinct was to fight or flee. Since the spider is blocking my (no doubt dramatic) escape, my next move is to stand there and start yelling. The spider, who I now subconsciously refer to as Parthanon, takes great offense to this and starts walking toward me. Slowly.
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