Ida B Wells The Living Way Analysis

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Background -born in Holly Springs, Mississippi in 1862 -She was the oldest of eight children. -Her parents died of yellow fever plague in 1880. -Cared for her younger siblings, after the death of her parents. To support her siblings, she became a teacher in Holly Springs. -She was a slave along with her family. -described as “A crusade for Justice” -Believed strongly in equality Specific Issues -In Memphis, she first began to fight (literally) for racial and gender justice. In 1884 she was asked by the conductor of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Company to give up her seat on the train to a white man and ordered her into the smoking or "Jim Crow" car, which was already crowded with other passengers. Despite the 1875 Civil…show more content…
Wells was a journalist who wrote about unequal education opportunities available to African American children. She wrote directly against discrimination -Wells wrote an article for The Living Way, a black church weekly. Her article was so well received that the editor of The Living Way asked for additional contributions. As a result, Wells began a weekly column entitled "Iola." Wells described her purpose in writing Iola as "I had an instinctive feeling that the people who have little or no school training should have something coming into their homes weekly which dealt with their problems in a simple, helpful way... so I wrote in a plain, common-sense way on the things that concerned our people. By 1886, Wells' articles were appearing in prominent black newspapers across the nation. As she traveled through Tennessee and witnessed the deplorable living conditions of blacks, her voice grew bolder and she began to attacking larger issues of discrimination and inequality, such as poverty and lack of educational opportunities. -In 1889 Wells was offered an editorship of a small Memphis newspaper called Free Speech and Headlight and became part-owner Wells' flaming editorials condemned white establishments for their continual oppression of

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