Ict Web Architecture Essay

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Unit 12 P2 Web architecture is an approach to the design and planning of websites which,involves technical, aesthetic and functional criteria. It focuses on the user and the user requirements. Components are things such as web servers what help run a specific website or server. An internet service such as Virgin Media or SKY provides an internet connection to your home network this will enable you to surf the web. These are available to anyone and provide different service plans ranging from 10gb/month to unlimited usage. They provide wireless and wired connections and the speeds vary depending on your location. There are many different web hosting service some of them are paid such as fast hosts and some are free such as google sites. This will let put your web site online and also help you create them with custom templates for the less experienced user. Google Sites for example will only has 100MB of storage for free users this will therefore limit you of what you can have on your website, there are also very few templates what you can use so your site will not be unique to you or your business. JimDoPro is an example of a paid service available this costs £60 per year and will enable you to have 5GB of storage also this will give you a custom domain such as www.sitename.com, so if people can access it quickly. A domain name is a website address such as bbc.co.uk, an advantage of this is that you can access a website quickly instead of remembering a IP address. They allow you to access websites and servers. The domain can also tell you the location of where the website is hosted or who by. |Domain |Description | |.com |Commercial | |.co.uk |United Kingdom

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