Ict Integration in Schools Essay

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ED359 Assignment 1 Topic: A Need for Teachers to Integrate ICT in Teaching and Learning Process. Name: Vishal Prasad ID: s11057169 Aim The aim of this research is to investigate whether there is a need for teachers to integrate ICT in the teaching and learning process. Objectives * To investigate the advantages of integrating ICT in teaching and learning process. * To investigate why teachers find it difficult to use new technologies for teaching * To find the barriers in using ICT with teaching and learning * How to overcome these barriers. * Benefits of students * Introduction This research is based on the use of ICT- information and communication technology, in the teaching and learning process. It will try to investigate if there is a need for teachers nowadays to involve the use of ICTs in their teaching. This assignment will first explain what the problem is regarding the use of ICT in teaching before moving on to why it is a problem. The question that this assignment tends to answer is whether teaching and learning can be done without the use of new technologies such as computers and the internet. Furthermore, this assignment will state its aim and objectives and by doing some thorough research, it will try to answer the research question. Since ICT is at its peak at the moment, it can be hypothesized that teachers need to integrate ICT in their teaching and learning. Moving on, we cannot answer the question as yet without any research had been done. Hence, this assignment will try to answer all the questions regarding the use of ICT and also to state the significance of the study and its contribution to the teaching and learning process. Finally, this assignment will highlight some of the points raised in a particular literature and then state why is it suitable reading for the research question.

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