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ICT to support children’s learning Introduction In this assignment I am going to do a report on how important ICT is within the early years and how ICT supports children’s learning and development in early years settings. All children are n technologically rich environment even though not everyone knows that we are. I will be doing two focused activities using a range of ICT resources from my setting; I will refer to these in the appendix. In the first activity plan I have used a software material learning about people who help us. In the second activity plan I have used hardware materials, using phones and cameras for the children to learn about what happens next. I will explain about different ICT resources including hardware and software materials. I am going to include the positive and the negative outlook on using ICT within an early years setting and how the Early years foundation stage (EYFS) supports children’s development using ICT. Not everyone within settings are aware of the different ICT resources available on a day to day basis, I will explain how the times have changed with how ICT is now incorporated within childcare settings and the impact that the research has had on my setting with childrens development and all staff learning about the different ICT resources available and how they can help with the childrens development including all seven stands of the EYFS. A definition of ICT ICT stands for information and communications technology is a term that includes many communication devices or applications, encompassing: radio, television, phones, computer and network hardware and software, as well as the various services and applications associated with them, such as distance learning. ICT is often spoken of in a particular context, such as ICT in education, health care, or libraries. I didn’t have much of an understanding of ICT within

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