Ict Gadget Essay

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Why is ICT important? Why Is ICT important? Organisations are looking to recruit people who are economically viable. This means that it is worthwhile and cost effective to employ them. They look for people who have the following characteristics: a) If you are information literate you can manage the masses of information being directed at you every day. b) In the global market global communication skills are vital to survival. You need to be aware of the various social protocols around the world. You need to be good at building, maintaining and participating in global teams. c) You need to be self-directed. (If you need a boss to tell you what to do you are expensive and slow.) Aims and Purposes of I.C.T. I.C.T. offers opportunities for pupils to: • prepare themselves for participation in a rapidly changing world where activities are increasingly transformed by access to I.C.T. • develop initiative and independent learning skills • gain rapid access to ideas and experiences from a wide range of people, communities and cultures. Content In I.C.T. pupils acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of: • the quality and reliability of information and how to access and combine increasing amounts of information; • how I.C.T. can help their work in other subjects, developing their ability to judge when and how to use I.C.T. and where it has limitations; • the application and use of I.C.T. in the outside world. These are acquired through four aspects of I.C.T. study: • finding things out; • developing ideas and making things happen; • exchanging and sharing information; • reviewing, modifying and evaluating work as it progresses. Vision Pupils enjoy I.C.T as a subject because it is lively, varied in its content, and it offers different experiences and exciting opportunities for development of their skills, knowledge and
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