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ICT evaluation What have you found out about magazine layouts? There are 4 items on the magazine cover which are the title, the magazine issue, the bar code and the main background. The title covers up about a quarter of the page and we chose a bold and bright colour to make the title stand out. We decided to add the issue number and bar code as it made our work look like a real, professional magazine. We also have a content page, 4 articles, several adverts and a back cover. Altogether we have 10 pages. Our article layout varied as some of us did a double page spread while others did only one page. To make our articles professional, we made the title as big as possible and added images, tabs and page number. I feel that a double page spread is easier as it meant that we have more space to add the items and text. We also added some of our smaller adverts to our articles that had two pages. What software have you used to create your work? We used adobe in design to create our articles. However, we used illustrator to create the front page and adverts. I feel that in design is different from the other software we used as it had different layouts to choose from to make our magazine look as professional as possible. It was difficult and quite tricky at first, especially when adding images but I soon got used to it and learned how to use this software. We still used illustrator to do the adverts because we found it easier to add images and special effects rather than in design. How did you work in the group? I feel that a group worked really well together but if I could do it over again I would try to be a better leader and set homework so that the magazine could be completed faster and that we should have managed out time more carefully. Also, we didn’t bring a sample magazine with us to compare. I feel that we worked well together as all of us

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