Ict Cambridge Tech Unit 6 Task 2: P2 Essay

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Advantages of ecommerce Having a business open 24/7 I have been asked the discus in detail the impacts and negative impacts of an e-commerce business; I am going to first discus the impacts of an e-commerce business running 24/7. There are many impacts with having an 24/7 e-commerce online business, I first looked at the website tokokoo.com (online) that it mention that the advantage of it being opened 24/7 is that people all over the world can purchase what the e-commerce website is selling, this impacts your business as all parts of the world we be buying your products and services at all times ‘Even while you’re sleeping, your customers can visit your store and browse your products and place their orders’. Another advantage of it being opened 24/7 is that you can purchase items/services anytime you want this is a good impact new targets markets can be made which is for the people who work long hour days which means they are too busy in the day because there working which means they do not have time for shopping in the day, this impacts your business and achieves more customers which means you will sell more. Includes that customers will be satisfied as they can purchase items from their own home. A disadvantage of having a 24/7 business is that you will have to pay more for staff to keep this e-commerce business operated at all times, people who would be operating the website are not on a normal wage like a shelf stacker it is far more. The negative impact of this is that it will set you back you profit margins you make in the business as you will need staff working 24/7. Customer information can be stored An advantage of running an e-commerce business is that customer information can be stored. The advantage of this is that a business can keep data on customer information the impact of this is that companies can easily get in touch with all their

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