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Iconographic Analysis I have chosen Image 6 (Mexico, 1949), which I will use to conduct an iconographic analysis. This type of analysis is done by considering historical significance and the meaning or purpose that the artist had for creating the painting. Usually, there can be more than one interpretation for the painting and it doesn’t have to be accurate. Although the title and the artist’s name are not provided, I was able to conclude that the artist is Frida Kahlo, as she herself is pictured in the painting. Upon observing the painting, one can tell that it is filled with symbolism, nature, and Mexican culture. I believe Frida had specific meanings or messages that she was attempting to communicate, and my guess is that it has to do with her identity, beliefs, and cultural background. Upon glancing at the painting, my eye was quickly led to Frida herself. This is probably because of the bright red dress she is wearing, and/or because she is holding in her arms a male figure. This is probably her attempt to symbolize herself as a family person and as a loving and caring person. Seeing an image of her holding what appears to be a baby gives off the impression of her being a motherly person. I took this an an interpretation of the type of person she was in real life. She seems to be communicating that she was a gentle and protective person as well as being from a close-knit family. What’s interesting about the male that she is holding is that he is nude and also has a third eye, very much like the one seen on all the one dollar bills. The nudity of the male probably shows her admiration for the male body, or her sexual attractiveness to it. Upon doing some research, I was able to find out that the eye wisdom, which could represent that she viewed males as being wise and/or intelligent. Using a little of my mother’s knowledge, I learned that the god-like

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