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November 12, 2012 Icon Project Lance Armstrong is the greatest cyclist in history and symbolizes greatness. Lance is a heroic cancer survivor and has legendary athletic achievements that had placed him in a position that no other athlete in history has occupied. We all wore those yellow Livestrong bracelets when we were younger; Lance had established the Livestrong Foundation that gives out those bracelets, which is a charitable organization that plays a key role in fighting cancer. The country mourned his loss figuratively when it was worldwide known that Lance had been accused of taking enhanced-performing drugs. Lance also did not deny the allegation; therefore it gave some his ‘fans’ the impression that he had used them to enhance his performance. Unlike others, many people still view Lance Armstrong as an icon. Many will always view him as an icon just like I will. “I could take all the drugs in the world and I wouldn’t be near Lance Armstrong’s speed. The guy trained eight hours a day on a bicycle, up hills, on flats sprints and doing speed work. That’s not exactly cheating. Cheating is when you get on the subway at mile two of the New York Marathon and get off at mile 24 in time to win the race. We all saw Lance win those Tours de France. It was the best seven years of the Tour, seven years I’ll certainly never forget. He won and he’ll always be a winner in my books.” Ron Mayer said this quote, Ron made a very good point when he explains that Lance put so much effort into his achievements and there is no way that Lance doing drugs put him at the top of everyone else. Ron uses strong language such as “trained” showing that lance put dedication into his work and that he “trained for eight hours a day” shows he was a true athlete. When Ron says, “cheating is taking the subway” he’s saying that you never really completed the course yourself but

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