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Thesis for Fifth paper: Although the two films narrate vastly different stories, the film Icile Thief and Novo Cinema Paradiso exemplify how modernization and consumerism pollute pure cinema world as the time processes. In Icicle Thief, the presentation of black-white Italian film is interrupted by several colorful and perky television commercials, which satires commercialism in modern world. In Novo Cinema Paradiso , describe the theater which give people most joys and laugher during the post-war time destroyed. As the time progresses, the classic Italian cinema become less valuables in daily life and be sold as junk food. The film Icicle Thief sets as homage of the famous neorealist film The Bicycle Thief. However, unlike the original The Bicycle Thief, the Icicle Thief uses meta-cinematic technology to show four different planes: the black-and-white film THE ICICLE THIEF, which describes the hardship of a Italian family during post-war; the television studio, where presents the black –and –white film; the middle class family watches the film on televisions; and the funny television commercials that keep interrupting the film. The interactions between the television commercials and the film characters lead the pure black-and-white film to absurd consequence, which ridicules the how modern society takes neo-realistic film into a part of consumerism. For the film Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, the Cinema Paradiso servers to brings joyous and pleasure to empty souls and pitiful lives during the post-war time period. The cinemas are far more than entertainment in people’s heart; they represent the hope and joy and led people to escapes from reality. However, as the time passing, the Cinema Paradiso slowly loses its values in modern society and end up be demolished. The destruction of Cinema Paradiso symbolic the brilliantly cinema world is replaced by modern technology.

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