The Iceman Essay

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The Iceman, also known as Otzi, was found in 1991 by two German tourists who were hiking in the Alps. His discovery has changed our understanding of the copper age, and as technology has advanced so has our understanding of “Otzi” and who he may have been. Erika and Helmut Simons, two German tourists, were on holidays walking through the Otztal Alps when they stumbled upon a frozen corpse. After leaving the track to take a shortcut back down the mountain, they noticed a body lying face down in a pool of melted glacier water. Taking photographs and mental notes of the location, Erika and Helmut hurried down to notify the authorities. The site where the Iceman was found in the Otztal has no name for that specific site. Time was short, before the body would soon be again swallowed up by the glacier. Missing persons records were checked; a music professor had been missing since 1938. Was this finally him? It was five days before an archaeologist was able to make it to the site and see Otzi. This is when he, Konard Spindler, guessed this corpse to be around 4,000 years old. Before Konrad was able to get to examine the body many attempts were made to free the body. Many people tried to hack him out of his ice grave, but had little or no luck. Someone even used a nearby stick in efforts to jab him out of his grave; this only resulted in the breaking of the “stick” which happened to be part of Otzi’s backpack. The Iceman was poorly handled, resulting in much of his body and belongings being damaged. As more tests were performed after Otzi was free, his real age was determined to be around 5,300 years old, making him the oldest body to be found. 5,300 years would make him to have been alive around 3,100 B.C. during the Copper Age. Otzi was found with a copper axe which was not supposed to have been invented until around 4,000 B.C. Now the Copper Age had to be

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