Icelt Peer Observation 5

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PEER OBSERVATION 5 Name: Sandra González Teacher observed: Claudia Hernández Date of observation: September 2nd School: Escuela de Idiomas Number of students:7 Level of course: Advanced Average age of sts: 10-30 1. Observe and reflect on how the teacher used the textbook. Write about these observations. Do you think the teacher used the book appropriately? Why or why not? According to the observation I think the teacher has a great sense of the use of the textbook. In the class observed the teacher did not use the textbook. However, all the activities were based on the textbook’s unit. 2. Describe what other materials the teacher used during the class and comment again on their appropriacy. Why there were suitable or not? The material used suited the level of the students and also the topic proposed in the textbook. I had the opportunity to look at the lay out of the textbook and also the activities proposed. The teacher mentioned that she thought it was necessary to adapt the textbook’s unit because it had a poor content. The unit was about artists and the grammar was a review of the conditionals. The teacher explained that in that chapter the only thing from the book to do was practice reading and then review the vocabulary (Appendix 1 and 2). Also she said that the questions designed for speaking were not well designed to encourage students to speak. That is why the teacher decided to use an adaptation created by another teacher. The activities done during this session were fun for the students and also they were able to practice the four skills. At the beginning of the class there was a speaking activity in which the students discussed about animated movies (Appendix 3). They talked about the animated movies they liked, the characters the story and so on. In the following activity the teacher handed out a form (Appendix 4). There were four

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