Icelt Observation Task 3

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Colegio Hebreo Monte Sinai ICELT COURSE 2012-2013 Luis Alberto Chavez Martinez Evaluation teaching assignment 1 February 25th 2013 Luis Chavez Monte Sinai, junior high school February 25th 2013 OBSERVATION TASK 3 Teachers and learners For each line, decide if the statement on the left or right fits best as a description (or somewhere in the middle). You could use the chart to: • Think back to a language lesson you can recall from your past; • Use the chart as an observation task the next time you go into a class to watch someone else teaching; • Review your own teaching style, perhaps in a specific lesson. |The teacher | | | | | |The teacher smiles. |x | | |The teacher doesn’t smile. | |The teacher is unnaturally loud or quiet. | | |x |The teacher speaks at a natural, conversational | | | | | |volume. | |The teacher behaves and interacts as he/she might outside | |x | |The teacher behaves and interacts in a distinctively| |the classroom. | | | |‘teacherly’ way. | |The teacher talks a lot. | |x | |The teacher talks very little. | |Task instructions are clear. |x | | |Task instructions are not clear. | |The teacher asks mainly open questions. | | |x |The teacher asks mainly questions with | |
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