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Shari Pacha English 1301.13 06-23-08 Mr. Everett Iceland: A Unique Place to Visit What makes Iceland a Unique place to visit? Where is Iceland located? Does Iceland have live Volcano? How big is Iceland? Who many people live there and what are they like? What is so unique about the snow fall in Iceland? Iceland is a unique place to visit because of the people, the snow, the volcano and the history of the island. Who many people live in Iceland and what they are like? There are 304.367 as of July 2008 censer. There are over 152,261 males living on Iceland and 152,106 females. From the age group 0-14years of age there are 32,500 male, and 31,566 female. Then from 15-64 years of age there are 103,231 male and 100,545 female. Finally the last age group is 65 and over there are 16,530 male and 19,995 female. The males are biggest group of people in Iceland until age 65 then the females. (CIA) What are they like? In my experience of Iceland the people are one of the friendliest people I have met in my travels around the world. When I was working with the Icelandic’s they would in invite you to eat meals with them and there family’s for dinners and weekend meals. They would open there homes up to there friends so you could understand the culture better while you visit there island. They are not much different then most countries when it come to driving. When I would drive in to Reykjavik they would drive real last if the speed limit was 50km/h they would drive 60 to 70 km/h. They run red lights and do not thinking any thing about doing it unless there is a car in front of them already stopped. Iceland’s snow is unique in its on way. One reason that it is unique is because it cut off half the island in the winter when it snows. Sometime 4X4 vehicles can get through the snow but not all the time. Then every 70 years no vehicles can get through the snow because in

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