Ice Cream vs Frozen Yogurt

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Comparing the Nutritional Values of Ice Cream versus Frozen Yogurt Contents Introduction 1 Data Section 1 Ingredient Differences 1 USDA Nutritional Values 1 Cold Stone Nutritional Values 3 Calcium Content 4 Additional Factors 6 Conclusion 6 Summary and Interpretation of Data Gathered 6 Recommendation 6 Works Cited 7 Comparing the Nutritional Values of Ice Cream versus Frozen Yogurt Introduction Health problems are constantly on the rise with our increasing population and unhealthy food consumption. Such problems would be dramatically reduced if companies such as Cold Stone Creamery were to reduce or replace their ingredients or menu items with healthier options. As a leading franchisor of premium ice cream parlors, switching to healthier options would have a positive impact on customers and would set an example for other companies to follow. One possible solution is a partial substitution of ice cream menu options with frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is the closest dessert to ice cream in terms of taste and build. It’s impractical to completely replace ice cream with frozen yogurt at this point. Instead, a gradual increase in frozen yogurt choices and ice cream-frozen yogurt mixtures will encourage customers to purchase the healthier options without dramatic profit losses. Another solution is to increase the existing menu options of frozen yogurt to match those of ice cream, thereby giving customers a fair alternative to existing ice cream options. This report will compare the health benefits of frozen yogurt and ice cream. It will provide the potential harms to the human body that each dessert can cause. It will compare the nutritional values of both, and provide the recommended daily consumption values based on a 2000 calorie intake. It will also compare the calories, fat, and calcium content of various brands of

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