Ice Cream Poem Essay

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Ice Cream I bought some ice cream at the store, Ate it all, but wanted more... Got a two-scoop, wafer cone, Nuts and sprinkles, Brought it home... Still I hadn't had enough, Give me more, Cold, sweet stuff! To the store I went again, Got a triple-scoop, my friend... It was gone, My stomach growled, "Give me Ice cream!" Groaned and howled... At the store, yet again, Begged the owner- his name was Ben, "Give me a quadruple-scoop, triple fudge swirl, Make it a double, with a strawberry whirl!" Ben stacked nice ice cream, At least two-feet too high, Then gave a grave look at me, Right in my eye.. "Listen kid, If you eat all this now, You're gonna' be sick, And as big as a cow... But I ate, and I ate, and I ate, and I ate, Until it was gone, And I was still feeling great!!! Was I quite finished? Was I quite done? No! Give me an ice cream, As big as the sun! Ben's hands were tired from scooping ice cream, I stood and I watched as if in a dream. Rocky Road, Coffee, Caramel Whipped Cream, French Vanilla so sweet, Mint Chocolate Green... Chewy Cherry Chocolate Chip, Crunchy Crunch Bar, Marshmallow Mushy Fudge, my favorite so far! Bubble Gum, Cherry Garcia, even Phish Food ice cream, about every flavor I will always dream! And when Ben was done, Scooping sweet stuff, He gave it to me and then Jerry said, "Kid, I think that’s enough..." I took the cone, That was piled so high, But all I could do after eating was sit there and stare at the

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