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Ice Cream As A Source Of Good Mood Ice cream, known to ancient Persians as early as 400 B.C.E., has become one of the most popular choices of a dessert today worldwide. With many flavors to select from, one can hardly think of anyone who does not like a tasty treat of home-made or store-bought ice cream. It is not only delicious – it is also good for health. The latest research has made a remarkable discovery about this product. A single portion of ice cream can help improve the mood. After eating a little bit of ice cream a person gets a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. How can ice cream possibly change the mood? Ice cream has a lot of components which can affect certain parts of the brain. For example, traditional ice cream is made of cow’s milk which is rich in vitamin D for a daily requirement to be filled. One treat of ice cream provides the body with enough vitamin D. Moreover, it increases serotonin production and has been linked to reducing depression in some people. A 2008 study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that vitamin D alleviated some depressive symptoms. Besides vitamin D milk contains melatonin - a natural hormone in cows which helps to relax and stop worrying. Since melatonin is considered to be a great way of releasing stress and tension, scientists are working on Fig. 1 Ice cream is a source of positive emotions for children. ( developing milk and dairy products with more melatonin. Ice cream with extra melatonin can already be purchased at some online stores in Great Britain. Among the flavors used when making ice cream chocolate is said to be the best at boosting the happy hormones. No wonder chocolate ice cream tops the list of the most popular ice cream flavors in the United States. As a result people, who are struggling to calm down before going to bed, can eat a little of chocolate

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