Ice Breaker Speech

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Ice breaker speech Somebody in this classroom believe that we always have choices all the time? My name is Teresa Estrada and I am a survivor of domestic violence, I became part of the domestic violence cycle at the age of four or five years old. I remember what it is to feel worry that began as an enormous sensation of fear right in here in my stomach. It was strong that could paralyze me for hours until I heard the voice of: “come on, move; are you deaf or what?” And without a clue what it happened I lived as I could! My name is Teresa Estrada I was born in Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico. I moved to United States in 2004 and lived two years in Las Vegas, Nevada the city that never sleeps! In 2006, I moved to South Sioux City, Nebraska and actually I am stills living in South Sioux City. By this same year I started ESL classes. I graduate at May 2012 in my Associate Arts Degree with major in Accounting. One of my favorite hobbies is interacting with young kids in my opinion they are fun, interesting, and one word amazing. I am married, I have two boys (12 and 8), and two girls (10 and 3). Of course, I am plenty full of goals and activities with my family as well as in my career. I am a pioneer in my family against violence at home! I did, I do and I will fight against it because I deeply believe that we can always have choices in everything in our lives for example like: what clothes I will use today, what food like to eat, who I will control? Etc. I dropped my college classes back at home (MEXICO) I did a wrong choice but what I never will do is to accept that it is a normal life style the domestic violence. I am grateful for the opportunity to reach my children away from the abuse. I would like to say as a survivor of domestic violence is just done in the past, but sadly is not. Living my life as nothing happened it is the first mistake that heads many
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