Ice Breaker Essay

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Topic: What are Ice breakers for? Who is your audience for the program? My target group for this program will be people from all ages that are about to attend a class or program for the first time. Why did I select this target group? I selected this target group because I everyone experience nervousness and anxiety during the first day of class or even a presentation. Introduction to the presentation: First, I will introduce myself to the class and my topic and explain to them why I selected my target group. I will also tell the class that at the end of my speech we will be playing an ice breaker game. I will also ask if anyone in the class , Who doesn’t know what an ice breaker is? Depending on their answers I will give them a small brief explanation to what an ice breaker is and what is it use for. An ice breaker are games that serves to relieve tension between people or start a conversation. Body of the presentation: Ask the class 2 questions -How many of you till this day feels nervous when walking into the first day of class? -How many of you have made a friend or felt better after playing an ice breaker game? If they raise their hands to Yes, I will inform them that ice breakers are games that are there to make us laugh and loosen up. To make us forget that we are in a classroom filled with strangers. Ice breakers are there to break the anxiety we may have and to make us feel like we fit in within the group or to even start a conversation with the person sitting in front of you or next to you. I will also tell them the different type of ice breakers that are available for us to play: 1) Active ice breakers 2) Get to know you ice breakers 3) Team building activities Conclusion to the presentation: I will inform the class we will be playing an ice breaker game. Step 1- I will ask the class to stand up and have them separate into
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