Ice and Darkness Essay

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Ice and Darkness Everytime I see freezing rain, I recall a devastating storm that occurred in Deer Creek, Indiana,where I lived at the time.It was March tenth,2000,and the harsh ,cold grasp of winter was slowly giving way to the beginning of spring.A snowstorm was forecasted ; it would last a couple of days and incur a foot-half to two feet of bright white, fluffy snow. You could feel the storm advancing that fateful, blustery day in March. The skies in various hues of blues and grays were darkening with a quick and determined intensity and the clouds were a dense stormy charcoal grey,that sketched across the angry skies. The wicked winds were tense and exhibited such a strength of compelling force!Vicious and unrelenting, the power of the winds ,threw ,flung and destroyed everything in it’s widening path. Toward evening in a massive burst of energy ,the storm rushed in full of determination and empowerment! It was not the anticipated snow but a freezing ,bitter rain, that landed with sounds of pings and dings over every object in it’s unfortunate route. The freezing rain painted a picture of a shimmering clear glaze, blanketing power lines ,tree branches, cars and as sharp icicles, from long roof gutters. The wind whistled and screeched throughout the seemingly endless black night, and the ice gripped onto the power lines with such a weighted fierceness, that the lines snapped and dangled precariously, as the winds whipped them about in gleeful abandonment! Encased in the all consuming darkness with the screams and thrashes of the forgoing winds, you pondered if the relief of daylight would ever return. That is why till this day if I experience freezing rain, I remember the ice storm of 2000,in

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