Ibn Battuta Marco Polo Essay

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Battuta and Polo: Recruiters of the Medieval Period Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta were the greatest travelers of their time. During their lives they gave light where there was darkness. They explored almost the entire known world and told about their travels through diaries to supply knowledge to the West. Out of all their travels though, Marco and Ibn had a special fascination with China because it was so different than their native homes. They wrote about China like it was a fantasy wonderland that was the safest place for travelers to voyage. They wrote about how the Chinese people were perfect in many aspects and how organized and magnificent their cities were. It seemed too good to be true for the people that read Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta’s documents and diaries at the time. Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta’s travel accounts were written the way they were because they were actually trying to recruit people from the West to travel to the East in pursuit of spreading religion and finding riches in trade and culture. Polo and Battuta also wanted to be a source of knowledge to their home countries so that the West could better understand the people, culture and religion of China and the Eastern Countries. Throughout Ibn and Marco’s travels they talked extensively about the Chinese cities, people and other travelers that they met. I’ll begin with Marco Polo and his accounts of how he used propaganda to recruit Europeans to the East and then I will move on to Ibn Battuta and his accounts from China as well. To fully understand Marco Polo and why he wrote his diaries the way he did we have to first look at his life. Marco was a Christian traveler from Venice who was exposed to the Far East just at the age of seventeen when he joined his father and uncle on a trip to China. He surprisingly ended up staying there with his father and uncle for the next seventeen years!

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