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IBM Software Smarter Commerce Electronics Creating a world-class supply chain commerce platform Overview The need Providing laptops to consumers and businesses worldwide, Lenovo was acutely aware of an increasing demand for transparency and simplicity in the order process and sought to improve its supply chain. Whether they are consumers or businesses, customers today increasingly are empowered with nearly unlimited access to information, which can be shared instantly around the world. They are likely to want transparency and simplicity in how they order. And these expectations have significant implications for how manufacturers run their supply chains. Recognizing this new challenge, Lenovo has embarked on a journey to offer superior, differentiated supply chain performance to its customers. The company knows that an outstanding customer experience requires more than just simplifying the order process. It also requires a fully aligned supply chain to help ensure complete satisfaction from the moment of order booking to fulfillment, invoicing and servicing. As a first step, Lenovo worked with IBM to create a unified foundation for connecting and collaborating with its customer and trading partner ecosystem, including original design manufacturers (ODMs), contract manufacturers, component suppliers and logistics service providers (LSPs). From the beginning, the company recognized that building this platform was not about the underlying technology per se but about the business benefits that accrue to the lines of business—and, equally important, to customers. The solution Using the IBM B2B Integration Services solution, Lenovo built a unified foundation to connect and collaborate with a broad ecosystem of customers and partners, pursuing an IBM Smarter Commerce approach. The benefit Lenovo cut annual costs by US$1 million by improving freight and

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