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Write sort essay about a global problem. Write how its affecting us today and what you can do help solve it. IB Admission Essay A global issue that is most threatening to the world today is global warming. Global warming threatens whole habitation of the earth with its various weather and temperature changes. These changes are critical and will affect our future in a big way. The cause of this issue is another global issue which is air pollution. Air pollution is the reason why there is a hole in the ozone layer right above the North Pole. All of this pollution is coming from the exhaust pipes of cars, trucks, and factories. The mixture of this exhaust and the moisture of the air soon turn into acid rain. The acid in the rain damages plants severely causing them to die and making our planet a little less green and pleasant. The damage to the ozone layer causes global warming which brings us weather changes. As you may have already noticed, Georgia’s weather has changed a lot since 2006 at least. We are now experiencing snow storms, freezing rain, and temperatures below 20 degrees. The summers are so hot its unbearable and the temperatures are going over 100 degrees. Due to the weather getting warmer, this brings us to another affect of the North Pole melting. As mentioned before, the hole in the ozone layer is right above the North Pole. The temperatures are rising and the ice is melting. If the North Pole melts, then water levels will rise and many islands and some coast will be underwater. The polar bears are also becoming extinct because their homes are melting away. To me, the answer to how to stop this is to try and stop or diminish the air pollution rate. We have to cut down on the factory usage, and car pool when going places. I’d plant more trees and other various plants to help cleanse the

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