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CHEMISTRY HL IB NOTES Quantitative Chemistry Atomic Structure Bonding Periodicity Kinetics Energetics Chemical Equilibrium Electrochemistry Acids & Bases Organic Chemistry Modern Analytical Chemistry Environmental Chemistry mu.sya.joh QUANTITATIVE CHEM Concept of Mole 1 mole: the amount of substance that contains the same number of particles as the number of atoms in 12g of 12C. Avogadro Constant: The amount of particles in 1 mole of any substance. 1 mole ≡ 6.02 × 1023 particles ________________________________________ Isotopes Isotopes: Atoms that have the same number of proton but different number of neutrons.  Isotopes have similar chemical properties but different physical properties. Ar = ________________________________________ Avogadro’s Law 1 mole of gas would fill up:  22.4 dm3 at STP (273K and 1atm)  24.0 dm3 at room condition (298K and 1atm) ________________________________________ Dilution MiVi = MfVf Titration Standard Solution: A solution with known concentration. Primary Standard Solution: A reliable, readily quantified substance. Characteristics of Primary Standard Solution:  High purity.  Low reactivity.  High solubility.  High equivalent weight.  Examples: - Benzoic acid. - KBrO3 - Na2CO3 - NaCl ________________________________________ Molecular Formula & Empirical Formula Empirical Formula: The formula of a chemical compound in its lowest integral ratio. Molecular Formula: The actual formula of a chemical compound. ATOMIC STRUCTURE Subatomic Particles:  Proton, p - Positively charged - Forms nucleus with neutron. - Have almost similar mass with neutron.  Neutron, n - Neutral.  Electron, e - Negatively charged. - Occupy the shells around the nucleus. - Have

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