Ian Frazier All Consuming Patriotism Essay

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Ian Frazier All Consuming Patriotism Frazier raises contradicting points in his report about the gaps between consumers and citizens. The main one being that he says how he shops a lot, buys things he doesn’t need, and shops more if he asked by the government. He says “I happen to be a bad shopper-nervous, uninformed, prone to grab the first product I see on the shelf and pay any amount for it and run out the door.” At the end of his report, Frazier says, “Citizen is honorable; shopper is not.” Now one would believe it would make sense to buy what is necessary and save money for better use such as college for one’s children or for retirement. There are many more uses for money rather than the approach Frazier’s wife takes as she “immediately transfers one wrongly purchased item after another directly into the garbage can.” As started by Frazier this wasteful action could be turned into something much more giving such as donations to a food pantry. In conclusion, people like Frazier could try a little harder to bring the honor of shoppers like him, up to the level of honorable citizens. I think he could bring the honor shoppers up by not spending frivolously and by Taking time to make a decision about what to buy and if it’s appropriated time to buy That specific item. Citizens have a level of honor in things such as voting for example. Most people do not just vote randomly and carelessly. They take all angles into Consideration before making their final decision. This is an honorable thing. This essay is focused around the idea of that makes you a good citizen in The eyes of our government. In my opinion, I believe that the author took it a bit far When he talked about crying while grocery shopping because he is working himself into An even bigger debt, just to

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