IRS Scandal Analysis

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IRS Scandal Amanda G HUM 111 IRS Scandal The topic is the IRS scandal. To use the strategies for applying creativity to problems and issues with this topic, takes a bit of thinking. By taking the novel approach (Ruggiero, 2012) to address the topic I would take the information tell it like it is stated in the article and then twist it to show that what they were doing is in fact wrong. Like this, “Due to the scandal, acting commissioner for the IRS Steven Miller had to resign even though he was not even there during the time of the scandal (Marsden, 2013). The IRS was using political party information to single out groups from the Tea Party and make it harder for them to get tax exempt status (Marsden, 2013). In turn the IRS should have to wait to collect any debts owed to it, making it hard for them to reach the status of paid in full.” Something along those lines would help to create the awareness of what the IRS did wrong and help catch the attention of the followers of the blog. Using the strategies for promoting curiousity when addressing this topic, I would lose the assumptions…show more content…
I would take the objective of producing plenty of ideas so that I could decide how to believe in the topic (Ruggiero, 2012). Producing a large number of ideas will help me come up with the right path to take to get my objective across to the audience. I would research all of the details of the article to find the facts and present them correctly. Researching the information thouroughly will help me decide what information is correct and what might be biased. Once I have all of the research finished I will know that I am able to present an argument for my case that is factual and persuasive. Knowing the facts on the information allow you to better present your case because you know that the information is correct. Taking these steps will ensure that I can present an unbiased factual
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